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Iowa Speedway Map

Iowa Speedway MapIowa Speedway Map

Seating Diagram

Seating DiagramSeating Diagram


Terrace Camping

Terrace CampingTerrace Camping


Incoming Traffic

Incoming TrafficIncoming Traffic

Outgoing Traffic

Outgoing TrafficOutgoing Traffic

All Race Traffic on Interstate 80

Take Interstate 80 to exit 168. Take exit 168 to Iowa Speedway Drive and turn south. Continue south on Iowa Speedway Drive and staff will direct you to the appropriate parking lot. Traffic will not be allowed to turn onto Rusty Wallace Drive from this interchange. Rusty Wallace Drive has been designated as an emergency route and will only be utilized for emergencies and to relieve traffic congestion.

When exiting the Iowa Speedway use the same route.

Newton Club Members and Luxury Suite Owners

Take Interstate 80 to exit 164. Exit south onto U.S. 14. Continue traveling south on U.S. 14 approximately 3.6 miles. Turn east on South 60th Avenue. Continue east 2.25 miles and turn north on County Road S:74. Continue north 3.6 miles. Turn east on Rusty Wallace Drive, signs and staff will direct you to parking from here.

Travel Tips for Race Fans From the Iowa Department of Public Safety

  • Buckle up for safety
  • Allow plenty of travel time
  • Plan on arriving early
  • Be prepared for slow or stopped traffic
  • Obey all traffic laws and follow signs, cones and signals
  • Be patient
  • Be courteous
  • Do not stop to ask directions, officers and staff will direct you
  • Follow directions of officers and parking staff
  • Be cautious and watch for pedestrians
  • Drink responsibly and always have a designated driver